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6th AfricanBats Bat Fieldworkers Course Level I

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Participants of the 6th AfricanBats NPC Bat Fieldworkers Course Level I
Participants of the 6th AfricanBats NPC Bat Fieldworkers Course Level I

The 6th AfricanBats Bat Fieldworkers course was held from 24 November to 16 December 2018. Six participants attended: Dr. Isabella Mandl and Mr. Kilian Egger-Peitler (Austria); Ms. Tosca Vanroy (Belgium); Mrs. Ana Gledis Miranda da Conceição and Ms. Cesária Victória Huó (Mozambique); and Mr. Leon Labuschagne (South Africa). At the time of the course, Dr. Isabella was due to start a project GPS tracking Livingstone’s Fruit Bat (Pteropus livingstonii) in the Comores, supported by Mr. Egger-Peitler, but they had no prior experience handling bats. Dr. Mandl subsequently undertook this project and is co-ordinating future work in the Comores on this critically endangered species. Both Mozambican students intend undertaking post-graduate studies on bats in Mozambique. Ms. da Conceição was also working as a technical assistant at the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Research Centre in Gorongoza National Park. Mr. Leon Labuschagne, a director of AfricanBats NPC who has extensive knowledge on protected area management, also joined the course to gain a better understanding of bats and be skilled to participate in future field events.

Without the financial support of the Rufford Foundation and Brevard Zoo this course could not have been made possible. In addition, special thanks to Motjoli Resources for continue in allowing us the use of the facilities referred to as the Meletse Bat Research and Conservation Training Centre.


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