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African Chiroptera Report


The African Chiroptera Report (ISSN 1990-6471) aims to compile published information on African bats as well as specimen records.  The internet allows vast amounts of information to be easily and inexpensively updated and made available, which is especially significant for taxonomic information.  The electronic, web-based aspect of the information is designed to allow information about African bats to be corrected/updated more frequently than a printed format permits, as well as to be available to users in a cost-effective format that can be altered to meet their individual needs.

The report is prepared using data from the African Chiroptera Database, which is constantly growing and evolving as new and corrected incorrect information is added.

Since 2006, the African Chiroptera Report has been released annually.

This tool will aid in research and conservation planning, as well as possibly stimulating interactions between diverse fields of study. 

Latest issue

ACR 2023

All issues:

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ACR 2017
ACR 2014
ACR 2022
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